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How about JM ECG Smartwatch, the electrocardiogram accessible from a watch?

JM Smartwatch adds to the Health Monitor a new watch in its catalog. JM ECG Smartwatch offers activity tracking functions and electrocardiograms on the wrist.

We find a round format with traditional hands, all dressed in a metal case probably housing a button cell, since JM Smartwatch promises a 12-month autonomy. The Bluetooth Android smartwatch- JM ECG Smartwatch support Blood Pressure monitoring, heart rate monitoring, water-resistant to 50 meters, houses a standard activity tracker, and thus makes it possible to monitor the number of steps taken, the calories burned and the altitude difference (using an altimeter). Logically, given the power of the watch, no GPS is included, but the ECG Move relies on that of the smartphone to note the courses, especially during running sessions. It also offers a sleep tracking system.

JM ECG Smartwatch with Blood Pressure Monitor Heart Rate Monitor

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ECG on demand

The main feature of the watch obviously lies in what gives it its name: its ability to perform electrocardiograms, that is to say ECG. To do this, JM ECG Smartwatch is equipped with three electrodes, two of which are located on the back of its case, and one on the metal surround of the watch. This "on demand" ECG therefore requires pressing the case for 20 seconds before finding the result on the mobile application of JM ECG Smartwatch - Wearheart. "While providing very accurate medical measurements, this elegant watch has nothing to do with the usual intrusive medical devices. With Move ECG, we have created a simple alert system with record-keeping autonomy that can be worn every day, in order to register an ECG immediately when a symptom appears, which allows early management. of atrial fibrillation, "says Eric Carreel, president of JM Smartwatch.

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