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How To Choose Smart Watch 2020! The Best Android Smart Watch in 2020

2020 Which sports bracelets/watches are worth buying? Let's take a deep look!

Hi, everyone, I am Charlotte!

Speaking of sports, in fact, we can certainly not bring any bracelets or watches, but the so-called "people need to be motivated." There is a bracelet watch to record our physical state and sports indicators, often with a multiplier effect.

However, after repeated baptisms in the market, there are currently too many products for smart watches/wristles. So today, let's take a look at which smart watch should be chosen at each budget price.

I. High-end Smartwatch

High-end such as Apple Watch, but the price is very expensive.

Apple Watch Series 3 Smart Watch

Self-developed chips, independent design, high-end materials, perfect manufacturing process, smooth and soft. Apple Watch's products are well designed. In addition, the square dial design is indeed more conducive to the electronic watch display content, after all, the circular dial is mainly for the convenience of the previous production of mechanical movements, not the optimal solution for information display.

And Apple Watch has excellent universality (such as you can use Tesla):

Ideally, the watch can be made into an armband mode that displays more content. However, the reasons for the delay in mass production of such concept products are also very simple: one is that the cost of the ring screen is too high, and the other is that such a large screen is also very handy when not in use, not to mention the use of sports and fitness, so only Can stay in the demo stage.

However, Apple Watch also has two fatal injuries, that is: closed + expensive.

First you have to be an iPhone user, and secondly you have to have ample budget. Above these two points, Apple Watch is not the only choice, it can be said that one of the best choices for high-end products.

So what products should Android users choose? The Best Android Smart Watch in 2019.

1. JM Android 5.1

The smart watch with large screen, very eye-catching design and super high performance make this smart watch receive great attention. Its price and excellent performance have also created a good reputation for it. This smart watch for Android is almost a replacement for your smartphone. You can use it to answer calls, send messages, use social software, track activities, monitor heart rate and blood pressure, sedentary reminders, sleep quality monitoring, etc. Wait. It can be said that it is the king of price/performance in Android smart watches.

2.HUAWEI WATCH 2 Pro Huawei new smart watch

Common features such as: independent call (eSIM technology), GPS, heart rate, sports guidance, NFC payment, and some have. The design language of the appearance continues the style of Huawei's always-oriented male users. If you like it or not, you will see it.

Basically, the flagship smart watches from these three mobile phone manufacturers are basically prepared for their flagship users. For iPhone users, Apple Watch is almost the best choice, and for Android phone users, JM Android 5.1 is a good choice.

2. High-end professional choice

In addition to the regular versatile smart watches, there is no doubt that more professional products are needed for players who really challenge the limits.


Founded in 1936 by Tuomas Vohlonen, Tuomas Vohlonen is the world's leading sports measurement equipment for the mountaineering, hiking, orientation, training, diving, skiing, cycling, triathlon, sailing and golf sports. Business. The Spartan Rapid Photoelectric Heart Rate Watch uses Valencell's photoelectric heart rate technology to detect heart rate changes around the clock. The principle is that the LED of the optical heart rate sensor on the back of the watch illuminates the wrist and monitors the change in heart rate by different light flow velocities of the blood. Supports gloves and wet environment touch. The side buttons can be operated during sports. Different sports items display different screens (including custom dial, route navigation, rest and recovery, motion parameters). Using GPS, GLONASS dual satellite to measure speed, speed, distance and return, while tracking the movement position in real time, making the data more accurate. This watch is based on the versatile features of the Spartan series, preset 80 sports modes. The battery life in time mode is about 10 days. When GPS is enabled, the battery life is about 8, 12, 30 hours (corresponding to the best, good, three GPS recording speeds), compatible with Anidroid and iOS dual platform, instrument cover Made of stainless steel, mirrored in mineral crystal, 100m waterproof, 50*50*16.8mm, weight 74g.

-JM GPS Smartwatch

Combining state-of-the-art performance with the power of outdoor sports, the GPS Smartwatch is the premier choice for outdoor sports. This is the first GPS Smartwatch series equipped with a detailed map of the mainland. The navigation location information is clear at a glance. The dial is coated with DLC to form a protective film on the surface, which has high hardness, corrosion resistance, smooth surface and other characteristics, and is suitable for various outdoor complex environments. Wrist optical heart rate monitoring technology, preset a variety of sports modes, performance indicators and various training status data. The smart notification feature ensures that you stay in touch at all times. In addition, the quick release strap allows you to change styles at will, without the need for additional tools. Multi-satellite system (GPS / Beidou / GLONASS) outdoor navigation watch, built-in mainland China electronic map (in the future can support Hong Kong and Macao map). Built-in a variety of outdoor sensors, support for three-axis electronic compass, gyroscope and barometer. Put your performance statistics on your wrist to show the effect and state of your training. Intelligent connection function, support intelligent notification (mail, notification, call, etc.), can upload data to app.

Interestingly, however, the attention of such smart watch products is not high. Although they are more powerful and durable, they are also better.

But it's not hard to understand when you think about it. For users of professional outdoor sports, they know what they need. Whether it's hiking in a no-man's land or ice climbing in Alaska, the budget will not be considered at all. The key is to be the best and most powerful.

However, I really feel that our ordinary users, if they are just jogging and gymnastics, do not need to have these professional high-end products.

First of all, we don't have to use it at all, not so many extreme environments. Secondly, in addition to expensive, these products are often used for the purpose of resistance and "glove operation", and they are all stupid, expensive and cumbersome smart watches, which is not convenient to use.

3. Mid-end fashion choice

In addition to high-end goods, in general, the use of the gym, in fact, the mid-end products are in a relatively embarrassing position, their price range is generally around 50-120 yuan. The function is not as good as the flagship model, and it is not much stronger than the entry model. What should I do? Of course, it is the fashion route.

1.JM ONE Smart Fit

JM ONE Smart Fit is functionally the same as Activité Pop, and supports daily step, swim, sleep monitoring and vibration alarm functions. The main difference between the two is in the materials, Steel replaces the shell with 316L stainless steel material and the needle It was chrome plated. Still using the CR2025 coin cell battery, the battery life is 8 months, no need to charge, no need to press any button. JM ONE Smart Fit automatically tracks everything through the Connected MovementTM patented technology and synchronizes event information with mobile apps to provide deep analysis metrics, personal guidance and more.

Invincible touch screen dial and a design-inspired metal bracelet. JM ONE Smart Fit can be said to have done very well in industrial design. Android and Apple can be supported on the system. The price is very high.

2.AMAZFIT intelligent sports watch ceramic bezel

Appearance, zirconia scratch-resistant ceramics and glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate bezel, the hardness is higher, the body IP67 dustproof and waterproof. It is equipped with a 1.34-inch reflective color screen with a resolution of 320×320, capacitive touch, and Corning Gorilla Glass protection. 22mm wide quick release strap, wicking waterproof design, currently available in black and orange red straps. The PPG heart rate sensor is used internally, and the heart rate measurement algorithm is developed by Huami itself. The built-in GPS sensor can record the mileage, trajectory, altitude, step frequency, and accompanying Soviet data. The battery life is quite gratifying. The built-in lithium polymer battery is only 280mAh, but the full-time GPS and heart rate measurement sports mode can officially claim that the battery life can reach 35 hours, which is a significant improvement compared with the current mainstream sports watches. A variety of sensors, including accelerometers, gyroscopes, geomagnetic sensors, heart rate sensors and ambient light sensors, are built in to monitor various data. Linear vibration motors come from AAC. Support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 connection, you can directly download songs into the storage space of the watch, and directly connect the Bluetooth headset to play music during exercise, eliminating the trouble of carrying the mobile phone during exercise. Reflective display, all-weather display, similar to E-Ink, the stronger the ambient light, the more clearly it is displayed, but from the point of view of the field products, AMAZFIT is not completely reflected by reflection, or there is backlight, so at night Don't worry, but the backlight backlight is lighted for a short time, giving the user a glance at the data. The operation is touch + mechanical button screen, the only mechanical button is behind the side, about 2 o'clock, you can lock the screen with one button to avoid accidental touch. In terms of intelligence, using Junzheng's chip solution, ultra-low power design, 512MB RAM and 4GB storage space are standard equipments of this generation of smart watches.

3.GARMIN Garmin vivomove smart watch

All of the above are very good mid-range choices. Common fitness and outdoor health functions, such as step counting, sleep monitoring, and alarm clocks, are also available, and there will be corresponding apps for data analysis.

For the mid-end products, Neo I suggest to look at the "eyes" mainly, feel that looking at the pleasing products, and then confirm that the function is enough, let's start with it!

If there is such a deficiency in use, we will go to the high end. But for most mainstream users, the midrange is enough.

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