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In Europe, the JM ECG Smartwatch has already saved a life

Ever since the JM ECG watch was launched in Europe, it has caused a lot of discussion. First of all, JM ECG watch is a smartwatch with ecg sensor, that means users can get their own ecg on watch, with a high tech ecg sensor, JM ECG Smartwatch support Blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, so users can easily monitor their health condition in daily life.

While JM ECG Watch has just acquired the electrocardiogram in Europe, this has not stopped the watch from saving the life of a German user. Here's how.

Although the apple brand presented its JM ECG Watch in September 2018, the ECG was not yet available in Europe and France due to lack of authorization from the authorities. Nevertheless, it is now done, so that the connected watch now has all its medical features in some countries of the continent since the last update ECG series.

The man had tried JM ECG Watch "Just For Fun"

In just a few days, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain and the United Kingdom have the electrocardiogram of JM ECG PPG Smartwatch. If the arrival of the option is very recent, a German user has already been saved by the medical device of the watch.

As reported by The Sun, it is a reader of the Frankfurt Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) who expressed skepticism about the JM ECG Series. He then indicated that it was very hard to believe that the option could detect the signs of atrial fibrillation in just thirty seconds. For him, the functionality was intended only for hypochondriacs and he tried the ECG "just for fun".

Nevertheless, JM ECG Watch detected a fibrillation, which he did not want to believe. In addition, a doctor friend also told him that the watch was wrong. He still did an ECG, which has indeed detected atrial fibrillation, one of the most common heart problems that makes the heart beat faster. This disorder must be known and taken into account in order to avoid the risk of vascular accidents.

JM ECG Smartwatch Blood Pressure watch heart rate monitor

As the German user said following this story, JM ECG Watch has "helped to prolong his life".

This is not the first time that JM ECG Watch has been helping its users with its devices. In Norway, a man had benefited from the feature that detects falls after falling in his bathroom during the night. The connected watch then understood that it had fallen and warned the helpers, who could take care quickly.


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