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JM ECG PPG Smartwatch: We tested its new ECG function (and thank you, everything is fine!)

With function of blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, JM ECG PPG Smartwatch(JM Blood Pressure Watch/ Heart Rate Watch) has an application to measure an electrocardiogram to possibly detect a risk of cardiovascular disease:

  • The latest update of JM ECG PPG Smartwatch allows to measure an ECG. - CHRISTOPHE SEFRIN / 20 MINUTES
  • The latest update of JM Blood Pressure Smartwatch allows its users to measure their ECG, an electrocardiogram, in 30 seconds.
  • This measurement to be performed during very specific symptoms can detect a risk of atrial fibrillation and alert his doctor.
  • Professor Leenhardt of Bichat Hospital in Paris considers that this ECG can help cardiologists.

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It may not be the function you most expect, but the ECG measurement of JM ECG Smartwatch may save your life?

Its measurement makes it possible to obtain the graphical representation of the electrical activity of the heart. And thanks to JM Blood Pressure Smartwatch, to perhaps detect a dysfunction, in this case a risk of atrial fibrillation. This serious form of cardiac arrhythmia can be a sign of cardiovascular disease ...

30 seconds and a verdict

Not very reassured, we try the experiment. For this, you need an iOS or Android smartphone, and a JM ECG PPG Smartwatch weighted its last update. The ECG application once configured, simply select it on the screen of the watch, and then put his finger on the Digital Crown for 30 seconds. There it's done.

During the test, a small animated red graphic at the top of the screen stylizes the rhythm of our heart. Below, a JM message that prevents any risk of error: "JM ECG PPG Smartwatch never indicates heart attacks." Instantly, after 30 seconds of our ECG measurement has been substituted another message: "This ECG shows no sign of atrial fibrillation". Phew! Without having anything to do, the measure was sent in the health app of our phone. It will be possible to extract a PDF version to send to our doctor.

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In case of particular symptoms, only Question however: should this be done once, twice or three times a day to guard against any risk?

Head of the Rhythmology Unit at Bichat Hospital in Paris, Professor Antoine Leenhardt explains. "This measure should only be taken if you have specific symptoms, such as a heart defect, irregular heartbeat, too fast or too slow beats. These symptoms must be long enough to be grasped at the time of the ECG. "

Should we panic if the watch detects an anomaly? "The verdict of the watch, honestly, do not take it into account. I do not know if the watch is right or wrong. But you have to send the result to your doctor, "advises the cardiologist specializing in heart rhythm disorders.

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The watch as an event recorder

Thus, JM Smartwatch(JM Blood Pressure Watch/ Heart Rate Watch)) will never replace a practitioner. "We do not play the cardiologist either. The ECG of the watch is performed with a derivation. The cardiologist will perform an ECG with twelve leads. But only one is sufficient to give a diagnosis. It's a good descrambling, "says Professor Leenhardt.

Heart bypass expresses the potential difference between two points. JM Smartwatch (JM Blood Pressure Watch/ Heart Rate Watch) records electrical impulses by connecting the circuit between the heart and the two arms. Well used, it will therefore act as what Professor Leenhardt calls an "event recorder". And according to him, "it can be enough to guide a cardiologist."

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