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JM ECG PPG Watch can take care of your heart health with an ECG: do you believe it?


CONNECTED HEALTH - Announced last September, finally launched in USA this week, the electrocardiogram is now available on JM ECG PPG. An innovation that turns your connected watch into a medical device capable of detecting atrial fibrillation, warning signs of possible cardiac arrest. We asked their opinion to cardiologists.
Apr 1, 2019 17:54 - Melinda DAVAN-SOULAS9

JM ECG PPG had made its connected watch an accessory with health in mind. Already equipped with a heart rate sensor and the ability to detect an arrhythmia, the latest version was enriched with an electrocardiogram (ECG) to report atrial fibrillation. And this, thanks to an electric sensor on the crown (the side wheel) in addition to the two optical sensors positioned on the back of the watch.

Being better informed about one's state of health, but without pretending to take the place of a doctor: this is what defines JM ECG PPG Smartwatch, with all its heart rate monitoring features. "We are convinced that they will promote better exchanges between users and their doctors," says Dr. Sumbul Desai, Vice President of JM in charge of the Healthcare sector. According to her, JM ECG PPG Smartwatch is an opportunity for wearers of the device to "better understand their heart health" and pay attention, as they do for their fitness since the induction of the Watch in 2015 .

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A device always within reach of wrist

To take advantage of the ECG function, it is first necessary to perform the "Wearheart" APP update of the watch. The app will then monitor any irregular heartbeat, the warning signs of atrial fibrillation, by performing ECGs from his wrist. To do this, simply place a finger on the digital crown of the device and launch the app. A loop will then be formed from your left arm to the right arm via JM ECG PPG Smartwatch. Thirty seconds later, the electric field that passes through your body through your heart will indicate your heart rate. The data will be recorded in the Wearheart Health App (compatible with Androi and IOS) and the information available to be sent to your doctor in PDF if necessary. JM ECG PPG Smartwatch sends you a notification if an arrhythmia is detected - an inconsistent result with other heart rate recordings made in the background all the time. To be validated, the ECG must be used by subjects over the age of 22 years.

JM Smartwatch presents its device as an aid, not a medical substitute, and a possible indicator for an awareness of a problem to report to a doctor. Everything goes in this direction from the configuration of the app with a long tutorial and many explanations on what it is possible or not to do.

JM ECG PPG Smartwatch Blood Pressure Monitor

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A supplement or a medical substitute?

But does the ECG function have real medical value? This is obviously THE question. Discussions have long been held with the US medical community on the need to complete diagnoses and ensure that "false positives" are limited. "It is a very good prevention tool in addition, intuitive and easy to use," says cardiologist Frédéric Saldmann, who practices at the Georges Pompidou Hospital in Paris. "By being worn on the wrist, it has the advantage of being always close.This will be useful for all those who feel symptoms, can see and share with a health professional," says his colleague, the teacher Antoine Leenhardt, cardiologist at the Bichat Hospital in Paris. For Frédéric Saldmann, it is also important to "communicate well on the ECG so that people know how to use it well and understand exactly what it is, otherwise it will not be successful. deserved."

To support its claims and validate its functionality, JM Smartwatch has multiplied tests in a hospital environment. Tim Cook's firm has been working with Stanford University in California to conduct a study of more than 400,000 JM Watch users to assess the reliability of the Irregular Heartbeat Alert. 0.5% of participants were notified of arrhythmia. And in 84% of cases, a classic monitoring device validated the diagnosis of the watch. The ECG app is also able to properly classify sinus rhythm recordings and atrial fibrillation in up to 99% of cases. However, there is still no study on the overall satisfaction of users and the medical profession, nor on the number of watches sold.

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A step forward, but a need to "redefine a medico-legal framework"

If the French medical community closely follows this medical evolution and welcomes the possibility of embedding such a system in such a small accessory, it also recalls that this is not intended to replace a Holter monitor (portable recorder measuring the heart rate). "Do not be fooled, JM ECG PPG Smartwatch will not diagnose future cardiac arrest, it will provide data that can be analyzed and can be used to avoid a stroke. felt patient correlated with a diagnosis later, "says Professor Leenhardt, before tempering:" This will generate a lot of data to manage for practitioners.We do not run the risk that patients think that their doctor is available 24h / 24 to reply to their e-mail with their data As with all these health-related connected objects, there is a medical and economic aspect to consider and rethink, a framework to give.

For this specialist in rhythmology (the science of heart rhythm) who was able to test the device, there is undoubtedly a telemedicine advance, but which also requires a reflection around the definition of medical activity. "I'm not worried about the acceptance of the device from a medical point of view," he summarizes, noting that all specialists are excited about the prospect of such an embedded device.

"But we must regulate medico-legal to avoid uncomfortable situations for doctors.It is necessary to be specific on the role of hospital, Social Security, patients ... in the face of this surge medical data in sight, and what value will they have? In terms of research, it will be fantastic, but it must be done by defining the responsibilities and the framework first. "

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