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JM Smartwatch's ECG application Launched in the US

The highly anticipated update of JM Smartwacth, which will bring the ECG application to JM ECG Series is now available for download in the United States. It available to the public after the release of Android 4.0 or above and iOS on Wednesday. The update also adds notifications of irregular heartbeats to older models. → Get more details about this ECG Watch The integrated electrocardiogram was the star of the keynote when JM presented the latest version of its smartwatch last October. Rumors have circulated about JM's distribution of training materials to educate JM Store employees on this feature for customer service purposes. Now, the ECG application update is available to the public in the United States. → Get more details...

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Review of JM ECG Smartwatch: We Tested The First JM ECG Smartwatch

The smart health market is booming. Wearables and other smart products in the field of health are multiplying and the EKG Watch 2019 is the proof. The smartwatch brand JM took the opportunity to unveil the very first analog watch capable of recording an electrocardiogram. Apple opened the door with its Apple Watch Series 4, JM continues and democratizes the concept. We were able to try it and here are our first impressions. → Get more details about this ECG Watch  An affordable watch If the ECG feature of the Apple Watch Series 4 has already proven itself in the United States by saving lives, it is still inaccessible in Europe (the watch must still obtain its certification in the European...

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The JM Electrocardiogram Display (ECG/EKG) Smart Watch, It's A Gadget Or Real Medical Advance?

Available until then in the United States, the ECG feature built into JM's latest connected watch model was introduced on March 27, 2019. But is it as promising as the brand claimed at the time of its launch?In September 2018, at the annual presentation of its new products - JM headlining - the high-tech giant JM was determined to prove that he was now more than just a manufacturer of expensive gadgets. And it is through his connected watch, JM Smart Watch, that he announced he wanted to conquer a sector as buoyant as complex: that of health. "I really believe that in the future, it will be said that the most important contribution of JM to humanity has been...

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A Review of JM ECG Smartwatch - Surprising Quality

After professional testing, how do experts evaluate this ECG smartwatch? Surprising Quality of JM ECG Smartwatch Dr. Édouard Siméon, a cardiologist at Saint-Antoine Hospital and the Institut Mutualiste Montsouris, told us that he was "pleasantly surprised by the quality of the road". "You can clearly see the activity of the atrium and the ventricle, which is about obtaining medical information," he wonders.In addition to its precise pattern, the electrocardiogram of JM ECG smartwatch also seems to have demonstrated its reliability: JM assures that its ability to correctly classify an ECG recording in the categories "atrial fibrillation" or "sinus rhythm" has been validated during a clinical study of about 600 people. JM Watch's ECG revealed "a sensitivity of 98.3% in the...

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Can The ECG/EKG Application Make JM ECG Smartwatch An Indispensable Watch?

The JM smart watch has a new medical function that could help save lives. A powerful argument to finally make the JM ECG Smart Watch inevitable on his wrist. → Get more details about this ECG Watch To operate the ECG application, you must press for thirty seconds on the digital crown of JM ECG Watch.   "This ECG shows no sign of atrial fibrillation." After 30 seconds of light continuous pressure with the finger on the JM ECG Watch crown, the ECG application means that our heart rate is normal and does not require a doctor. Since the instruction, it allows indeed to make yourself an electrocardiogram (ECG) and therefore to quickly check if our heart does not play tricks....

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