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About US

Welcome to JM Smartwatch

We are transforming the way individuals connect with the Internet and with each other through smart wearable technology and data-driven innovations.
Our mission is to make the world more connected.
Founded in 2012, We are an online store selling worldwide the most unique smartwatches.
Also, we are the Internet's premier online shop for the best heart rate monitor for your health and your life. Whatever your health or fitness goals are, we're here to help you in a heartbeat.

We believe that the best heart rate monitor doesn't just measure your heart rate accurately—it does what you need it to do inside and outside of the gym.

Do More. Rest Easy.

You need to stay connected in a busy world, track your fitness progress and watch out for loved ones. We have the solutions that allow you to do it all, maintaining your life and health at the same time.


Heart Rate Monitors Built For Your Life

Our range of products includes the popular Heart Rate Monitor Watch, GPS Heart Rate Monitor, Finger Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor, Fitness Heart Rate Monitor and so many more!

If you're a busy professional struggling to make time for fitness, you can delegate tasks right from the gym with our Bluetooth Smartwatch. Or if you just want to unwind, use the same device to go for some laps in the pool and listen to music with wireless waterproof earbuds.

Parents will also fall in love with our heart rate monitor watches. Whether you are an expecting mother, or a veteran of raising kids, we've got something great for you!

Our fetal heart rate monitor collection lets you hear your little one's heart beat anytime. For older kids, our smartwatch for kids collection has amazing high-tech devices that will excite kids and give parents the ability to know their location and have peace of mind. There's a heart rate monitor for everyone in the family, even seniors including Grandma and Grandpa!


Exceptional Quality and Service

Our heart rate monitors are built to exceed your expectations from a fitness tracker. You don't have to sweat about anything besides your workout. Durability and style are both included and satisfaction is guaranteed. We're confident that when you put on one of our heart rate monitor products you'll want to keep it on the whole day!

With every purchase from JM Smartwatch you can enjoy the convenience of 30 day risk-free returns. Our website is safe and secure and we accept multiple forms of payments. We have offices in China, warehouses in US, Europe, and Asia, and we ship worldwide for free.


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From the JM team, we wish you great happiness and health!