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A Review of JM ECG Smartwatch - Surprising Quality

After professional testing, how do experts evaluate this ECG smartwatch?

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Surprising Quality of JM ECG Smartwatch

Dr. Édouard Siméon, a cardiologist at Saint-Antoine Hospital and the Institut Mutualiste Montsouris, told us that he was "pleasantly surprised by the quality of the road". "You can clearly see the activity of the atrium and the ventricle, which is about obtaining medical information," he wonders.

In addition to its precise pattern, the electrocardiogram of JM ECG smartwatch also seems to have demonstrated its reliability: JM assures that its ability to correctly classify an ECG recording in the categories "atrial fibrillation" or "sinus rhythm" has been validated during a clinical study of about 600 people. JM Watch's ECG revealed "a sensitivity of 98.3% in the classification of atrial fibrillation and a specificity of 99.6% in the classification of sinus rhythms". More broadly, it would have been able to "classify 87.8% of the recordings".

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For Dr. Siméon as for Dr. Leenhardt, this small tool could then be of great use if it were to become democratized within their patients. "Portable recorders already exist - I have been using them for many years - but no device has so far allowed monitoring under any circumstances," enthuses Dr. Simeon.

The ECG application (for "electrocardiogram"), inaugurated with JM ECG Smartwatch, is, on the other hand, a miniaturized medical device designed to detect abnormal heart rhythm. Specifically, atrial or atrial fibrillation, a common cardiac disorder that results in irregular heartbeats. It is one of the leading causes of stroke and heart failure.

electrocardiograph ecg display smartwatch

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Regular monitoring, but not permanent

the watch does not perform a permanent monitoring (which would be much too energy intensive), but "scans" the heart rate automatically about every two hours, in order to identify possible arrhythmias and, if necessary, to give the alert via a notification.

"ECG and On-Demand Heartbeat Control can be powerful tools to help us better monitor the heart health of the entire population, and they represent a real innovation opportunity to improve the care of the heart. patients, and are a big step forward. "

In other words, people will still need to go to their doctor to check regularly, even though the ECG/EKG smartwatch is already accurate. After all, for daily blood pressure and heart rate monitoring, it is indeed a good device.

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