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Can The ECG/EKG Application Make JM ECG Smartwatch An Indispensable Watch?

The JM smart watch has a new medical function that could help save lives. A powerful argument to finally make the JM ECG Smart Watch inevitable on his wrist.

JM ECG Smartwatch HRV Report Heart Rate Blood Pressure

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To operate the ECG application, you must press for thirty seconds on the digital crown of JM ECG Watch.


"This ECG shows no sign of atrial fibrillation." After 30 seconds of light continuous pressure with the finger on the JM ECG Watch crown, the ECG application means that our heart rate is normal and does not require a doctor. Since the instruction, it allows indeed to make yourself an electrocardiogram (ECG) and therefore to quickly check if our heart does not play tricks. "JM ECG Smart Watch has helped so many people around the world, we are touched to see it now occupies such an important place in the lives of our customers," says Sumuel Derek, MD, Vice President of Health at JM Smartwatch. With the advent of these heart rate monitoring features, JM Smart Watch is taking the next step by enabling its users to be better informed about their health status. "
OKAY. But how does it work ?

ECG Analyse Watch

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The ECG application, available in the United States since the end of 2018, now allows global users of JM Smart Watch to make an electrocardiogram directly from their wrist thanks to the electrodes integrated into the crystal on the back of the case and the digital crown. With the continuous pressure of a finger on the latter, the heart rate is recorded for thirty seconds, "this contact allows the closing of the circuit and the electrical signals that pass through the heart can then be recorded"

N58 ECG PPG smart watch with electrocardiograph ecg display

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If this information is available on your JM ECG watch, it will not be necessary to contact your doctor promptly.

At the end of this time, the app indicates whether or not it detects atrial fibrillation, understand "an anarchic and rapid electrical activity of the atrial muscle (upper chambers of the heart)". In both cases, a plot is sent as a PDF on your smartphone connected to the watch. If the presence of atrial fibrillation is indicated, it is advisable to send the PDF to a doctor. Who will confirm the verdict with another electrocardiogram.

If the ECG application detects signs of arrhythmia, it will advise you to contact a doctor and send him the saved track as a PDF on the Health app on your iPhone or android smartphone.

blood pressure smartwatch

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In a study named JM Hearts and conducted on 2000 people, the reliability of the ECG application has been proven, as Professor Antoine Leenhardt of the Paris Hospital's Bichat Rhythm Unit tells us: "When the watch detects an arrhythmia, this was confirmed by electrocardiograms, but beware, the watch will not be able to interpret the plot sent by PDF, it is the cardiologist who will. The watch and the ECG application are therefore only indicators that must then be confirmed with health professionals. So be careful.

heart rate monitor

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Nevertheless, can this self-hospitalization by a high-tech object be part of the future of medicine? "Yes, Professor Leenhardt thinks, under certain conditions, including cost, it is already necessary that users can buy the watch and have an iPhone or Android Smartphone.And it will also be necessary that health professionals can also be paid for consultation that It will be impossible to imagine that doctors will be invaded by patients who send them electrocardiograms every day and wait for an immediate response: "Are you okay? I'm not fine ? What do I do? ... "Consultation is a job, not something to do between two." No question of taking medicine over the wrist.

electrocardiograph ecg display EKG Watch

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JM insists that her ECG app, for people over the age of 22 (the youngest JM Hearts student age), is just one indicator of a medical trend. and states that it does not detect heart attacks. This limit does not prevent Professor Antoine Leenhardt from enjoying this new technology: "I am a rhythmologist, that is to say a specialist in heart rhythm disorders, and we need to be able to detect arrhythmias. has not been made for this, but we will use it for this, like an event recorder.When a patient has infrequent symptoms and / or short durations, so difficult to capture when it comes to us see, the Watch will be great to help us. "

electrocardiograph ecg display,holter ecg heart rate monitor blood pressure smartwatch

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She could do even better in the future according to him. "It would be nice to have a heart rate monitor 24 hours a day, so hopefully, and schedule it for a few days or weeks, that would give a tremendous amount of phenomenal data, and open up horizons not only on atrial fibrillation but also on other cardiac arrhythmias, possibly more serious than joint fibrillation. "
Without any doubt, this first major medical function of JM Smartwatch (the watch could already calculate the heart rate) can give it a major interest among users.  


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