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Compare 2019: The JM ECG Smartwatch competes with the electrocardiogram of the Apple Watch Series 4

This is the first direct competitor of the Apple Watch Series 4. The Move ECG can also perform an electrocardiogram, except that its autonomy is ... one year.

Health at the heart of the concerns of tech companies. JM unveiled its ECG, a connected watch capable of recording an electrocardiogram, on the first day of CES in Las Vegas. To achieve this, the watch has three electrodes: two at the back (glued to the wrist) and a third on the steel ring around the dial glass.

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The user must touch both sides of the dial to take a measurement and get an ECG in less than 30 seconds, promises JM. The result is then available on the Health Mate app, available for Android and iOS.

Of course, the watch provides the other classic measures of previous models JM: tracking calories burned, number of steps, automatic recognition of activities and a training mode for sports sessions. It also detects altitude and measures height differences, a first on JM's needle watches. It is waterproof up to 50 meters and promises an autonomy of 12 months. Far, far ahead of its competitor the Apple Watch Series 4.

A blood pressure monitor that goes even further

For those who want to go further, JM has also introduced the BPM Core. This device is a blood pressure monitor also incorporating an electrocardiogram, but also an electronic stethoscope. It monitors hypertension, the detection of atrial fibrillation and also the risk of valvulopathy.

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Always using the Health Mate application, it is therefore possible to analyze the results of the electrocardiogram to detect any fibrillation. According to JM, this arrhythmia is responsible for a third of strokes. The stethoscope allows for its side to detect if any of the four heart valves malfunction. This is particularly the cause of heart failure that may require surgery.

Front-end competition for the Apple Watch Series 4

These two phenomena affect more people with high blood pressure, hence the interest of integrating systems to detect them to a blood pressure monitor. JM ECG Smartwatch bets that home monitoring can increase the chances of detecting these diseases. The use of the device seems quite simple: it consists of an inflatable armband, a steel ring on which one places his finger and a sensor to place on the chest.

competitor of the Apple Watch Series 4

The first mass-market device to offer an integrated electrocardiogram was the Apple Watch Series 4 in 2018. Activated a few months after the watch was released, the feature is only available in the United States and is awaiting the approval of European health authorities to be proposed in Europe. The JM ECG and BPM Core are awaiting US FDA and CE approval for the European Union. The watch and the cuff will be marketed in the second quarter of 2019 for respective prices of $ 94 and $ 129.

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