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How To Choose Your Smart Watch?

Welcome to the smart watch guide. There are today different types of smart watches, having a different use. We will see below, the three types of smartwatches, as well as the selection criteria to pay attention to before choosing a watch.


The 3 types of smart watches

There are three choices of smart watches, to which we have added the "Apple Watch" type, which stands out from other watches:

Smart watches dependent on a smartphone
1.Autonomous smart watches (with nano sim card)
2.Sports watches called "fitness tracker", also called "smart bracelets"
3.Android smart watch & Apple Watch (which depends on the first type).

Smart watches connected to a smartphone
This first choice of smart watch is the most common, the most widespread, and currently the most developed by brands like Samsung, LG, Apple, Motorola, Asus, JM ... Why? Because anyway, for the moment we have all our smartphones permanently on us or located nearby.

Smart Watch With Smartphone

from 29 to 1445 dollars

It is not yet completely useful to choose a watch with sim card if you do not intend to dissociate yourself from your best friend, the smartphone.

This type of watch offers many possibilities with among others:

Notification of calls, messaging, social networks, applications ...
Sport: accelerometer, gyroscope, pedometer, stopwatch
Alarm clock, weather, mp3 player (Check for a headphone jack)
Find your mobile remotely (very practical isn't it?)
Translator, welfare assistant, voice recognition
You have a small idea of ​​the possibilities offered by these watches, but each brand also develops innovative features, especially in sports. Thus, the JM Wrisatband™ will show you the number of steps taken in the day, your heart rate (using sensors on the watch), analyze your distances traveled using GPS ... And many others things again.

stainless steel smart watch

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Smart watches with sim card

This second choice of watch is not yet very developed by the brands. There are mainly models of inexpensive smart watches, which come with all mainly functions, and in which we can insert a nano sim card.

The continuous performance of this type of smartwatch is not very good because the models offered are mostly low-end.
If you just want find something new and want to try out various features, then it is a good choice. After all, the price is really attractive.

We recommend JM DZ09 Smartwatch, which has a nice look and features, and is very affordable. Like we said: if you want to have a general smart watch that supports all kinds of functions, you can choose it. It is the most cost-effective watch on the market.

DZ09 Android Smartwatch support sim card

A Smart Watch that is capable of doing many things where you can make and answer phone calls, play music, take pictures and others is a real deal. A must-have for those people who are always on the move or for those who just want a cool and unique piece of gadget.

The Bluetooth Smart Wrist Watch also includes other features such as finding a missing phone, storing contacts, pedometer, sleep monitor, and a calendar. All neatly stored in the convenience of your wrist! Transform your Smartphone into a Smartwatch now!

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The smart bracelets

JM XS Smart Brecelet Fitness Tracker
This third possible choice is not really a smart watch, but we put it here to make the difference between the two. It is therefore a bracelet, mainly sports oriented.

Smart Bracelet
from $15 to $324

The most famous brands are Fitbit, Withings, Garmin, JM, Yonis, Jawbone, Xiaomi. For the most part, these are activity trackers that send and synthesize this information via a smartphone application. They have the advantage of being resistant to water (check for each model, but the majority are). And they are compatible with many models of Android phones (Apple is apart for connected wristbands, but some brands, like Fitbit, JM are compatible with Android, IOS and Windows Phone).

Finally, some smart band can also track sleep. This type of bracelet is interesting if you want to monitor your health more closely, play sports and pay attention to you ...

Be careful, they do not work like smartwatches, no notifications, phone alerts, music or anything. They just send the tracked information via the wristband to the application and perform a daily statistical follow-up.

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The Apple Watch

from $293 to $988

Last category of choice: the Apple Watch, a pioneer in the field. Just like what Apple did in telephony and tablets, the American company also pulls quality up. Available with 38 and 42mm dials, you will have the choice between a multitude of possible sport bracelets to luxury leather.

From a features point of view, the Apple Watch is ahead of its competitors:

Notifications phone, email, social networks ...
Hands free with Siri: allows you to communicate with your watch while speaking, but also to dictate mails, messages, sms ...
Wallet: your wallet on your wrist (Boarding pass, ticket, loyalty card ...)
All you need for sport ...
And many, many other things that we will let you discover.

But ths basic Apple watches have very few features, it can't satisfy our needs, so if you want to use them more conveniently, you need to spend more money to buy a higher version.

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