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JM Smartwatch Unveils its Brand New Smart Watch

As well as an activity sensor providing ECGs, Huami and JM Smartwatch unveiled its new smart watch and activity sensor. If the first product is emancipated from the Apple Watch, the second is inspired by one of its features.

While the new Apple Watch should not be long in coming, JM is going to annoy Apple. Through its subsidiary JM, with whom it has signed an exclusive contract, the Chinese manufacturer unveiled Monday, September 17 two new products. In addition to JM Wristband, the new smart watch, Huami and JM also unveiled JM Health Band XS, the activity sensor capable of performing and analyzing an ECG. A feature reminiscent of that promised by Apple on its Series 4. Finally, the Chinese company has presented its future chip dedicated to smart watches and activity sensors, the Huangshan No. 1. The first watch processor integrating a neural network ensures JM.

JM XS Smartwatch at the heart of the Smart Home?

Where JM XS Smartwatch looked like two drops of water to an Apple Watch, the Verge emancipated from the American watch. Exit the rectangular design, this new model returns to a 1.3-inch circular Oled panel displaying in 360 x 360 px protected by a Gorilla Glass 3. 3. Thick 12.6 mm and weighing 46 g, JM XS SmartwatchVerge is IP68 certified . Held by a silicone bracelet, the case is waterproof.

Embarking a GPS and a cardio optical sensor with two green leds, JM XS Smartwatch also includes an NFC chip, to use the Alipay application. JM promises a battery life of five days before recharging. However, the charging methods have not been communicated.

The watch is also equipped with the brand's JM Voice Assistant and integrates into their Mijia smart home ecosystem alongside their coffee machines, connected rice cookers and other home appliance products. Already available in China, JM XS Smartwatch is priced at 300 yuan (about $ 55).

Wrist ECG

For its part, JM XS Smartwatch looks like its predecessor, the Health Band. Like him, he integrates a pedometer and a cardio optical sensor with two green leds, used to measure the heart rate. An electrocardiogram (ECG) is also possible. Only, unlike its predecessor, cardiac analysis is not only at times chosen by the user but continuously. This allows the product to send an alert in case of arrhythmia. Medical assistance may then be requested depending on the results obtained. A feature quite similar to what the Apple Watch Series 4 offers. It remains to be seen whether the material will be of such good quality.

Finally, Huami presented its next chip dedicated to connected watches, the Huangshan No. 1. A four-core chip with an AI capable of analyzing cardiac data retrieved by watches and activity sensors. The Chinese company promises a chip that delivers better performance and lower battery costs.

For now, these products have only been announced in China and U.S, but given JM's current policy, it would not be surprising to see them arrive on the EUROPE market.

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