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JM Smartwatch's ECG application Launched in the US

The highly anticipated update of JM Smartwacth, which will bring the ECG application to JM ECG Series is now available for download in the United States. It available to the public after the release of Android 4.0 or above and iOS on Wednesday. The update also adds notifications of irregular heartbeats to older models.

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The integrated electrocardiogram was the star of the keynote when JM presented the latest version of its smartwatch last October. Rumors have circulated about JM's distribution of training materials to educate JM Store employees on this feature for customer service purposes. Now, the ECG application update is available to the public in the United States.

Electrocardiograph ECG Display

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So far, we have news on the date that the deployment will reach Europe. The electrocardiogram application is regulated and is therefore only available in areas where it has been certified by the authorities. The new ECG feature can detect irregular heartbeats and alert users if their heart rate rises or falls outside certain thresholds.

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The ECG feature has raised some concerns that users will take the readings too seriously, perhaps even replacing a regular doctor's appointment to keep track of their heart health. JM reportedly told store employees to let customers know that this is not a diagnostic device. But it does help people monitor their health well in their daily lives.

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