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Women's Smart Watch: Choosing The Best Women's Smartwatch

Over the last few years, the smart watch has gone from being a whimsical object to a state-of-the-art gadget. It's not easy, then, to sort through the jungle of models that boast of features, design or performance. Together, let's take stock of the women's smartwatch.

What is a smart watch for women?
Smart watches are the fusion of a traditional watch and a laptop. A connected watch is called a watch only because it is worn on the wrist. Inside, it is really a small computer usually allowing functions more or less equivalent to those of a smartphone.

Smart watches have features approaching those of traditional smartphones. As a result, they are a perfect substitute for their larger brother. In general, they make it possible to make or receive calls, to receive alerts for e-mails or social networks and to have a number of additional functions that make it possible to use the Internet, locate oneself using a GPS or even to know his cardiac functions and his expenditure of energy. Smart watches therefore have functions adapted to both sport and work and relaxation. Aside from the look of the object, there is no real distinction between a smart watch for women and their male counterpart.

On the side of brands that market smart watches for women or men, there are very few surprises. These are mainly major brands of technology that also market PCs, tablets, smartphones or more recently phablets. There are therefore smart watches Samsung, Apple and Sony. Nevertheless, in this big emerging market, different brands seem to emerge like JM, Polaroïd, Garmin or Synchrodigital.

Connected watch for women: buying criteria
With the growing number of smart watch models, it becomes increasingly difficult to know which criteria to base your purchase. For you, we have defined the most essential criteria for a smart purchase.

The operating system: Before any other criteria, you must define the future operating system of your smartwatch. Indeed, to connect correctly to your smartphone, it is essential that the watch uses the same operating system, usually Android and Apple.
The features: 2 e thing to set to buy the watch connected to woman that suits you, it is obviously its destination. Indeed, you need to define whether you simply want notifications, if you want to be able to make or receive calls, or if you need a multitude of other applications.
The sport functions: a number of smart watches now include useful features for sport or fitness, very useful if you are an active woman. Calculation of heart rate, pedometer, accelerometer and sometimes even resistance to water and sweat, you must determine if your watch will also serve you during the sport.
The battery: sensitive element, the battery is one of the determining criteria in your choice. Indeed, if some watches have to be recharged every night, others can hold a week, see more. The life of the battery is usually inversely proportional to the amount of existing applications on the watch.
Performance: The processor, storage capacity, and RAM are critical for using the watch to the best of its ability.
The price: although they sometimes benefit from advanced technology, smart watches are computer gadgets. Just like smartphones, their budget can be huge if you want to buy a trendy women's smart watch with a large number of applications. The aspect ratio quality-price is essential according to the need that you have of the object.

Best smart watch for women: our selection

1.JM H8 Women's Luxury Smartwatch ( From $79)

JM H8 Womens Fashion Brecelet

  • Yours Pedometer, Heart Rate / Blood Pressure Monitor. 
  • 24 hours continue Heart rate Monitor, Real time blood pressure test, Night sleep monitor. 
  • Multiple sport mode with running, swimming, riding, climing, basketball, football, walking, batminton. 
  • Smart Vibration Remind for Call / Message / Facebook / Skype / Sedentary Remind / Alarm. 
  • Remote control camera, one touch to take photos; Find phone, to avoid phone lost; 

Link here: 


2.Michael Kors Female Analogue Digital Smart Watch with Stainless Steel Strap (From $219)

Michael Kors Female Analogue Digital Smart Watch

  • MICHAEL KORS ACCESS women's smart watch - Round case (diam 44.5 mm) in gray stainless steel - Waterproof 1 ATM
  • Gray stainless steel bracelet, polished and brushed finish - Invisible folding clasp with push button
  • Touchscreen with customizable dials
  • The design of Michael Kors watch boxes is renewed every season
  • Customized dial - Interchangeable wristband - Touch screen - Smartphone notifications - Physical activity tracking - Wireless synchronization - Microphone & speaker - Alarm - Wireless magnetic charging.

3. Smartwatch Pedometer Bracelet Watch. (From $29)

Smartwatch Pedometer Bracelet Watch

  • Main Functions: Activity Trackers (Pedometer, Distance, Calories), Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, 14 Sport Modes, SMS Call and Message Notification, Message Notification APP (Facebook, WhatsAPP, Skype, Messenger, ...)
  • Heart Rate Monitor: New heart rate sensor for more accurate and efficient monitoring of heart rate, 24 hour real time heart rate monitor with heart rate statistics in time ...
  • Waterproof IP67: You can wear it freely when exercising, washing your hands, swimming at the pool, etc .... fully meets your daily needs.
  • Vibrating notification: It vibrates to alert you when your smartphone receives a phone call, an SMS and messages (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Instagram, Messenger, etc.). You will never miss a call or a message ...
  • Prerequisites: Compatible with Android 4.4 minimum and iOS 7.1 minimum. (Support for smartphones only, can not work with major smartphones, iPad, PC or Tablets.)

4. FOSSIL Q Venture Waterproof Smart Watch for Women (From $249)

FOSSIL Q Venture Waterproof Smart Watch for Women

  • The FOSSIL Venture smart watch is a high-tech feminine jewel that allows you to perform many tasks on the wrist without using the mobile phone
  • This multifunctional watch also records its daily sports performance, thanks to its integrated activity sensor
  • Easily match your smartwatch to your look: change your bracelet from the FOSSIL Q collection to 18mm and customize the dial wallpaper with the design of your choice
  • The watch connects to Android OS4.3 + and iOS9 + mobile phones with Bluetooth connectivity and has a battery life of up to 24H.

Women's Smart Watch: Best Sellers

SALE # 1: JM Wrisatband™ Smartwatch. ($64.99)

Best Women's Smart Watch

  • Advanced JM Wrisatband™ chip and bluetooth 4.0 technology, which seamlessly syncs with both iOS and Android devices.( iPhone series and Samsung LG SONY HTC HUAWEI XIAOMI Lenovo OPPO ZTE Andriod Smart Phones)
  • Multi Functions: Message Reminder; Call Reminder; Answer Call; Dial Call; Remote Control; Push Message; Alarm clock; Calculator Stopwatch etc. 
  • High Sensitive Touch Screen: 1.22 inch IPS LCD Touch Screen.The metal strap is replaceable, so you can change the strap as you like.
  • Health watch: support heart rate monitor, pedometer, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder.
  • Bluetooth 4.0. You can change the menu page by shaking hand and light up the screen by rising Your Hand. You can also use the watch to find your phone by ringing the Phone:)

This Best Seller Smartwatch is 50% Off Sale Now, don't miss it!

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JM H8 Women's Smartwatch  Review: review of the test

women's watch

JM H8 Women's Smartwatch is a smartwatch with a sleek, comfortable, widescreen and responsive processor.

The +
Fashion Looks smartwatch
Nicely built, for a very successful design
Heart rate monitor
Message Reminder

The -
Seamlessly syncs with Android devices but not that good for IOS
Mid battery life
Fixed bezel and crown

JM H8 women's smart watch review: our complete test

The latest JM women's smart watch runs the latest version of Google's Android Wear, this women's smartwatch has a smaller case and thinner watchbands, making it ideal for women who want a more compact smartwatch.

This smart watch for women is a necessary step forward. It is sleek, more subtle in size, has a better Android Wear 2.0 software experience, and not too expensive. Let's take a closer look.

A high-end android smart watch on the test bench
With this women's smartwatch, the popular brand has reaffirmed its commitment to Google's mobile platform, launching its third generation of devices - and its first Android Wear 2.0 version, the most feature-rich revision of the operating system worn. at wrist.

At a reasonable price and with a solid build, it is a strong entry into the Android Wear market, even if the omission of some key features can scare some fans who run out.

Price and availability of this connected watch for women
Starting from $79
The price varies depending on the configuration and finish of the strap.
Best offers already available at JM Smartwatch official site.
First revealed in September 2018, this women's smart watch is now on sale only in JM Smartwatch online site, as well as at third-party retailers.
With an elegant finish and an attractive design, its price is competitive compared to the competition, with prices starting from $79 with 3 styles for you to chose.

Uniquely equipped bluetooth smartwatch, beyond design, but you can already drop that price if you're shopping now on their official website, making this women's smartwatch model even more attractive. tempting.


Lightweight and relatively compact design
Single button in the crown, but no bezel or rotating crown.
Well suited for smaller wrists
JM smartwatch has the heritage of delivering sleek watches at a relatively affordable price, and this women's smart watch continues in this tradition.

This is a relatively compact design, making it a subtle and discreet smart watch - a watch that, paired with a reserved face, could easily pass for a traditional wristwatch.

It is lightweight for a stainless steel watch, and you will forget that you wear it until you need it or receive a notification, which means is a good thing.

The one blooming on the smooth steel dial is a thin, textured ring around the outer edge of the face - again, fine enough to be subtle, enough to be an appealing touch.

There are 3 kinds of strap can be chosed, JM Smartwatch offering silver, gold , black three colors.

In compliance with IP67, this women's smart watch is able to wash your hand without any problem, while surviving a dive in 1 meter of fresh water for 5 minutes, if it slides into a puddle , a pond or a pedalo accident on a lake.

24 hours continue Heart rate Monitor

Real time blood pressure test, Night sleep monitor. Montoring your heart rate from day to night, check blood pressure data anytime at anywhere; Auto enter into sleep monitoring mode at night.



Support for iPhone and Android
Requires Android 4.3 or higher, and iPhone 5 or more iOS devices running at least iOS 9.
No NFC means no Android Pay tap-to-spend features.
This women's smart watch will work best with an Android device - as long as this phone runs Android 4.3 or higher.
With an Android smartphone that comes with your mobile phone, you'll get the widest range of application support possible and, under a shared ecosystem, you're more likely to already use the Google apps and services behind Android Wear on this other apparatus.

This means you'll have seamless access to the shared calendar, contact lists, and supported applications in an interface that reflects what you already know on your smartphone.

It's not because it runs on Android Wear that iPhone fans can not take advantage of this JM women's smartwatch. As long as you have an iPhone 5 or later, iOS 9 software or later, you will be able to get the smartwatch paired.

However, note that you will lose the ability to respond directly to certain notifications, while Apple's first-party services, such as iMessages, reserve their notification support for the Apple Watch, and the lifetime of the Apple Watch. battery will probably be affected.

Regardless of which phone you associate it with, the lack of NFC will hurt. This means that the basic features of the Android Pay payment system, such as paying for items with a tap on a laptop, will simply not be possible.

By connecting via Bluetooth 4.1, and using Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, this JM women's smart watch has never lost the connectivity of our paired smart devices, and has been helpful in at least one occasion for us help locate a misplaced phone, although it is far enough away. From the watch, I was able to remotely call my handset and locate it - it had been inexplicably left in a wardrobe.



heart rate monitor
suitable for workouts
This women's smart watch has been clearly designed with a focus on fashion with fitness. Its design is lightweight and compact in terms of standard wristwatches, but its smooth metal finish is not sturdy for sports activities. Likewise, its IP67 rating can be good for a quick shower, but it will not survive a session in the pool.

But it's not devoid of formatting options, as long as you're not going to go incredibly deep with your monitoring or your readings.

Google Fit and Google Fit Workout are preinstalled, allowing you to keep track of steps and repetitions, with gyroscopes and accelerometers tracking progress within an acceptable margin of error. It was enough to highlight the days when we really should have put the PlayStation block and worked those muscles a bit more, but that would not have been enough for us to have evaluated my entire fitness program.


Battery life

Easily squeeze more than one day of use per charge.
This women's smart watch comes with its own magnetic charger for wireless energy transfer. Simply plug the USB device into a power outlet, place the bottom of the underside of the watch on the charging base and .... that's all.

You'll make your watch run cool without having to fight with a port, which means there are no unsightly seams or port covers on the watch.

The magnetic washer is held securely on the underside of the watch, which means you'll never have to worry about it slipping while charging.

In terms of battery life, as with any device still on, your mileage will vary depending on how you use it.

For example, the day we first set the watch (the day we most intensely downloaded updates, new apps, and watch faces), it was scraped for about 8 hours of use .

But it was an extraordinarily intensive session for the smartwatch, and every day since we finished a day of work with a comfortable amount of fruit juice to spare. You will not get exactly two days of using this women's smartwatch model before you need a charge, but the company's average 24-hour usage seems conservative.

We think you'll have a day to desperately need to dig up this wireless charger.



It is attractive, its battery life impresses, but it is neglected by the absence of certain formatting functions. This android smart watch for women is easy to pin down, in terms of exactly who it should please. Is it for you.

Who is it for ?
With a sleek look and only a light set of fitness features, this is definitely a fashionable garment rather than a fitness garment. And with its compact size and subtle look, it should suit a fashion audience, with a multitude of styles and bracelet options available at affordble prices.

Just be aware that, at least in terms of features, it's not the most complete on the market. You'll have to look elsewhere for GPS wireless connectivity.

Should I buy it?
This women's smart watch offers a nice balance of comfort, subtle size, performance and price.

Although there are more feature-rich devices on the market, they will inevitably cost more and will not necessarily look better in the process. If you can give up all the bells and whistles associated with the most technical wear parts, the JM H8 women's smartwatch is an elegant, comfortable and responsive watch that is well worth your time - especially if you order it at JM smartwatch officail site at a discount price now.

Link here ⬇️⬇️⬇️: 


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