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Folding treadmill with 3-Speed Incline Adjustment
Folding treadmill with 3-Speed Incline Adjustment

Folding treadmill with 3-Speed Incline Adjustment

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Product Features
  • The intuitive display is easy to read and keeps you updated on speed, time, distance, calories and pulse.
  • 3-STEP INCLINE ADJUSTMENT: Enjoy a different experience on the treadmill with 3 incline inclines to enhance your workout and easily achieve your fitness goals.
  • DEVICE HOLDER: Convenient device holder holds your phone or tablet securely and comfortably, and the water cup slot holds a water cup so you can stay hydrated at all times.
  • THREE COUNTDOWN MODES: Offers three progress countdown tracking options of time, speed or calories burned to keep you motivated and aware of your workout progress.
  • REAL-TIME HEART RATE: You can test your real-time heart rate by holding the handles with both hands during your workout to ensure that you maintain the optimal workout intensity for your situation.
  • CONVENIENT SPEED BUTTONS: With four convenient buttons that go directly to 3km/h, 6km/h, 9km/h and 12km/h, up to 12km/h, you can choose the optimal speed for the intensity of the workout you are adapting to.
  • WIDE RUNNING BELT AND HYDRAULIC BAR FOLDING: 43.3" X 15.7" running belt provides plenty of leg and elbow room while you run, can hold up to 220 lbs. and the treadmill can be folded up after use to save space and easy storage.
  • 12 PRESET PROGRAMS: There are 12 modes P1-P12, each with different speed variations, allowing you to select the best mode according to your fitness program, keeping you motivated and exploring the diversity of speeds for efficient fat burning.
  • SUPPORT BLUETOOTH CONNECTION: You can synchronize the sound of your cell phone through the Bluetooth connection, and the built-in speaker can easily answer phone calls and play music, etc., so that you can use the treadmill in the process of full of relaxation and fun.


Multi-function Treadmill
The display can monitor distance, calories, time, speed and heart rate in real time; Connect Bluetooth to play music and answer phone calls; Quick buttons can be used to go straight up to a certain speed; The stand can be used to hold a cell phone, iPad, cup of water and so on. The handle can also be used to adjust the speed, start or stop, and real-time heart rate can be tracked by holding the handle with both hands; There are 12 preset programs to choose the best mode according to your preference and workout goals; There are three progress countdown tracking options of time, speed or calories burned to keep you motivated and aware of the progress of your workout; When you are working out, you should clip the safety leash to your clothes, and after the magnetic part is detached from the treadmill, the belt will stop rotating immediately after the magnetic part is detached from the treadmill;
Multifunction handle
The left hand button can start or stop, the right hand button function is speed plus or minus, hold the silver part of both hands will be able to monitor your heart rate in real time, so that you have a clearer understanding of the current physical condition and fitness status.
Easy to move
The treadmill comes with wheels, so it can be easily and conveniently moved at any time.
Stands and sound
The water cup holder is convenient to replenish water at any time, the panel can also be placed on the phone, tablet PC, etc., connected to the Bluetooth can play music, so that the fitness is full of fun.
Hydraulic folding
All you have to do is step on the yellow part and the treadmill will descend slowly and steadily without risk of injury or damage.
3-speed slope adjustment
Three incline adjustments allow you to experience different running inclines, making your workout challenging and fun!
Product information
Product type Treadmills
Color Black
Product expanded size 53 "L × 19.7 "W × 45.9 "H
Product folding size 24.8 "L × 24.8 "W × 45.9 "H
Running Belt Size 43.7 "L × 15.7 "W
Weight Capacity 220 lbs
Function Bluetooth, audio, speed, distance, heart rate, calories, time, 12 preset programs, 3 levels of incline adjustment, 3 countdown tracking modes, hydraulic lever folding, cell phone holder, cup holder, safety lock, etc.
Assembly Required About 40min
Number of package 1
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